Arista Marketing Research Company Limited

Arista is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aristo Market Research & Consulting Company Limited.

It was established in 2013 with a simple goal: to meet our clients' demand for local high-quality market research & consulting expertise to unlock Macau's growth opportunities.

We have an innovative business model that goes beyond data delivery. Arista offers a full-fledged solution to our clients that integrates bespoke IT expertise to uncover market insights.

Arista's growing clientele includes hotels, resorts, government authorities, and other tourism & entertainment businesses.

What makes us different?

Our proven framework and in-depth market understanding enable us to consistently deliver local projects at high standards.

We have strong roots in Macau with a deep appreciation of its unique business and regulatory environment. Strategic partnerships were
established and continually formed to give us access
to valuable networks and industry knowledge. Our solid groundwork makes it easier for clients working with us.

We hold our staffs to high quality service standards. Our staffs are recruited through strict selection criteria to ensure the delivery of services at a high level.

What is our offering?

Arista covers 4 key areas – market research, marketing strategy development, business consulting & information technology.

Market Research

To keep pace with a dynamic and complex market - timely, accurate and reliable insights are critical to support sound business decision making.

Arista offers a fully tailored, and comprehensive research-led solution for each project, covering a number of areas: customer opinion, product test, business development, and consumer behavioral research.

Marketing Strategy Development

Arista supports our clients to formulate effective marketing strategies with research insights that are timely, practical and realistic. We can cover competitive analysis, pricing optimization, distribution channels mix, marketing communications, and brand positioning, etc.

Our tailored made offer will bring more focus to the business, streamlining product development and identify opportunities in the local market.

Business Consulting

Arista is committed to going beyond delivering data – our research program involves understanding the practical reality of our client's business and organizational challenges.

We will work with our clients to collaboratively develop a bespoke program to tackle these issues. Our business development research covers both key internal and external stakeholders - resource management, employee attitudes and satisfaction, expansion barriers and opportunities, etc.

Information Technology

Arista has an in-house IT team that gives our clients unique access to both research consultancy and IT capabilities under one roof. This enables us to run projects for our clients more efficiently and help clients achieve the best possible outcome.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about us or just make an enquiry, feel free to contact us:
Macau office
Tel: +(853) 8294-2263
Fax: +(853) 8294-2399