To keep pace with a dynamic and ever-changing market - timely, accurate and reliable insights are critical to support business decision making and strategic marketing planning.

Aristo offers a fully tailored, and comprehensive research-led solution for each project, covering a number of areas: customer opinion, product test, business development and consumer behavioral research.

Research Solution

Customer Opinion Research

Customer loyalty is the core fundamental basis for driving sustainable business growth and generating organic WOM communications.

Aristo's customer opinion research specialists are skilled in a number of research techniques that evaluates the customer experience - identifying strengths and underperforming areas, key drivers as well as opportunities.

A full picture of customers' experience and their expectations can help bridge key product or service gaps and enhance customer retention and satisfaction.

Product Test Research

Product innovation has become part of businesses seeking growth or remaining competitive. Prior to a new product launch, the role of product testing or concept evaluation is important to manage potential risks and maximize commercial success.

Aristo is skilled in conducting studies in a number of relevant areas e.g. competitive benchmarking, assess consumer's responses, prioritize key targets, gauge the impact of a new product launch on brand image, etc.

Business Development Research

Long term business growth requires clear directions and objectives, and a practical pathway that balances the needs of both internal and external stakeholders.

Aristo is committed to going beyond delivering data – our research program involves understanding the practical reality of our client's business and organizational challenges in order to collaboratively develop a bespoke program to tackle these issues.

Our business development research covers both key internal and external stakeholders - resource management, employee attitudes and satisfaction, expansion barriers and opportunities, etc.

Consumer Segmentation Research

Recognizing limitations of a one-size-fits all approach, marketers are using different ways e.g. age, gender, socio economic, etc. to segment their markets and applying it with varying degrees of success.

To ensure an effective strategy, segments need to be well defined, easily identifiable and practically targeted. Regular segment updates are also required to respond to changes in consumer demographics, lifestyle, needs and expectations.

Aristo works collaboratively with our clients to develop a tailored segmentation solution.

Social Listening

Social listening allows to track, analyze, and respond to conversations about the brand and industry online. It's a key component of audience research.

Aristo uses data from social listening in customer service, customer feedback, competitor analysis, campaign performance, identifying brand ambassadors, new product performance and improvement ideas. This data becomes crucial business knowledge for our clients in all their business decisions.

UI/UX Research for Website/App

UI/UX research is crucial for user-friendly website and app design. UX research focuses on understanding the user's experience and creating a seamless user journey. It optimizes factors like purchase steps, page count and information accessibility. UI research deals with visual and interactive elements, designing layouts, graphics, colors, logos and fonts for an intuitive interface. Thorough UI/UX research enables designers to create websites and apps that meet user expectations and provide an excellent user experience.